Turn her ON!

I keep getting questions about how to turn women on, and I figured I’d take a minute to answer them for you.

Jim asks:

“Mike, I was looking at your Text Your Wife Into Bed program and it looks really interesting, but I have a question for you. How well can I expect this to work with a girl I’ve gotten somewhat but not completely interested in me?”

Jonny asks:

“I was interested in Text Your Wife Into Bed, but I’m not married. I have an opportunity with a woman I have known for a long time. We know each other’s history and I really want to be a part of her life. How can this program help me?”

Guys, thanks for your questions! I actually get questions like these all the time. Guys hear the word “Wife” in “Text Your Wife Into Bed” and assume that some weird transformation happens in a woman’s mind the moment a ring goes over her finger

The fact of the matter is, women are women. And the texts I give you in “Text Your Wife Into Bed” have been designed to appeal directly to a woman’s deepest sexual mind whether she’s married, attached, single or a winsome virgin.

In fact, I developed the techniques I teach in “Text Your Wife Into Bed” a few years ago when I was a single guy. See, I’ve never been the kind of guy who could just walk up to a girl in a bar, “neg” her like some a-hole pick up artist and get her to go home with me right away. But what I figured out pretty quickly was that if I could get a girl’s cell phone number I could “close the deal” with stunning speed.


Because once I got her number I could start having a private little conversation with her where we could do and say ANYTHING with each other. At first I was scared that the messages I was sending were going to be too forward, that these girls were going to get mad at me for flirting and seducing them over text while they were sitting at work…but I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Again and again these beautiful women lit up like Roman candles when I texted them. I had some fantastic times. And heck, texting is actually how I seduced my girlfriend, who I’ve been with for almost two years now! And it’s how I keep things hot and sexy between us now, even though, just like any couple we do have our occasional fights.

So, back to your question. Will Text Your Wife Into Bed work on a woman who’s NOT your wife? Definitely. Heck, you might actually find it EASIER in a lot of ways. Since this women doesn’t have any e”expectation” of how you are romantically, it frees you up to do and say pretty much anything. Which means you’ll be able to text your way into her pants…or into her heart much more quickly that you think.

You can learn more about Text Your Wife Into Bed by watching the video you see on this page:

Text Your Wife Into Bed

P.S. Her biggest erogenous zone is her mind…and in today’s busy world, texting is the best way to “telepathically” turn her on that there is

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