Text Message Flirting – Melt Any Man With Nothing But Your Thumbs

Text Message Flirting Made Easy

Captivate any man with the power of your thumbs. (It's like having super powers.)

(This article is for the ladies. Guys, go away.)

Hey, it’s Mike Fiore and today I want to talk to you about to how to flirt with a guy using simple little text messages to drag his attention onto you like a laser beam.

Now, what do I mean by “text message flirting?

I mean sending tiny little messages during the day that force a guy start thinking about you and craving you . . . that create a hunger in him to see you and know more about you . . . and that even get his inner motor running so he starts fantasizing about you and becomes just a little bit obsessed with you.

What I don’t mean is “sexting.”

There’s nothing wrong with “sexting” in the right circumstances (and I talk about that topic a LOT in my “Text Your Wife Into Bed” program . . .)

But if you’re looking for a “boyfriend,” a “husband” or anything even remotely serious, the absolute worst thing you can do is bring things to “low down and dirty” town too fast.

(If you’re just looking for something casual . . .well, go for it.)

So what do you do?

Let me just give you 5 examples of text message flirting you SHOULD send to the guy you’re dating (and four you
should NEVER send no matter how drunk you are or how much you like a guy.)

1. The “Confident Woman” . . . This is a great one to send right after you meet a guy and get his number or the night after a great date.

“Stop drooling. You’ll see me again soon =-)”

Why does this work? Because it’s ballsy and confident and assumes he’s attracted to you and is thinking about you. Works wonders.

2. The “Favorite Part” . . . This is a great one for after a date. It shows some vulnerability and sets up the next time you see him.

“That was fun. My favorite part was when you put your hand on the small of my back outside the movie. Sent a little thrill through me. I wonder what will happen next time?”

Obviously, you need to alter this to fit your situation, but you get the idea.

3. The Tease . . .

Super simple and a great way to get a guy engaged . . .

You: “If you were here right now . . . =-)”

No need to say anything else, his imagination will fill in the void. If he gets “dirty” and sends something back respond with:

“Woah! And here I thought we were just friends. =-)”

4. The “Getting To Know You” . . .

Again, really easy. Send him a “Deep and profound” question that he can hopefully answer in just a few sentences.

Don’t get too “personal” here. Just play with him (like a cat with a piece of string.)

“If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?”

“What’s the single most badass thing you’ve done in the last 10 minutes?”

“If you found out a girl had done hard core prison time how would you feel about her?” (OK, that’s kind of a tease.)

Keep it light and fun.

5. The “Anticipator” . . .

Texting is a great way to build up the heat before a date and have a guy chomping at the bit to see you.

You: “When I see you tonight I’m going to . . .”
Him: “What?”
You: “Oh, you’ll find out . . . =-)”

Or . ..

“You can’t even imagine how it’s going to feel when I . . .” (OK, that might be dipping into dirty villa.)

Now that we’ve covered some “Do’s” of texting, here’s some “Don’ts” . . . the absolute opposite of “text message flirting” in every way.

5 Texts No Woman Should EVER Send

1. The “Nothing” Text. – Honestly, guys are more guilty of this than women are. Basically, a “nothing” text is any text that would be (or could be) sent by a 19 year old Frat boy. Classic nothing texts are “Yo.” “What’s up?” “Hey” and anything else monosyllabic. A good flirty text goes somewhere. It’s part of a conversation and part of a story.

2. The “Story of my life.” – When I coach guys I actually tell them to use MORE words in their texts than they’re expecting, but when you’re just flirting (and when you’re dealing with guys) you need to pull things back a bit. Keep your texts to a sentence or two at a time. Be mysterious. If you tell him everything there’s no reason he’ll want to see you again soon.

3. Naked Pictures.

OK, as a guy it kills me to say this, but keep the clothes on. Why? It’s not because naked pictures can’t work wonders to get a guy scampering after you . . . It’s because (as every celebrity known to man has found out the hard way) WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS ENDS UP ON FACEBOOK.

If you send a sexy or “dirty” picture to a guy (especially a guy you’re not in a relationship with) the odds are he’s going to show it to his friends or it’s going to end up out there on the internet. If you feel like you HAVE To send a dirty picture, keep your face out of it. (Here’s a recommendation: Take a picture of your hip with your stomach poking out. Totally decent, but it will drive him wild.)

4. The “Needy” Text.

“Where are you? Why didn’t you call me? What are you doing right now? Are you with another girl? Do you like her better than me?”

I shouldn’t really have to explain.

Here’s the test: any time you write a text like that take a deep breathe and ask your best guy friend “Would this freak you out?” If he says “yes,” you need to delete the text.

If you want to know more about Flirty Text Messages and how to use texting to revolutionize your love life, click the link below and watch the video. It’ll change your life.

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44 Responses to Text Message Flirting – Melt Any Man With Nothing But Your Thumbs

  1. anonymous says:

    Dear Mike:

    I got a question. I love a guy who has many issues (self-destructive), but he is a really sweet guy underneath it all. I know I may sound like a fool to like someone like this, but I do. Communication hasn’t really been flowing. He txts/does things only on his own time. What can I do to help get communication going again & more romance going?

    p.s.-please just email me….don’t put up any of this anywhere. Thanks.

    Jane Doe

  2. Robin says:

    I have used these techniques and they work! I used them long before Mike wrote his book and didn’t even realize I was onto something. The most effective technique in my experience is being mysterious, a bit evasive, and as he said, don’t give out to much information. Let his imagination fill in the blanks. Love starts in the imagination, not in the heart. Always leave him wanting to know more, it leads to a second, third, forth date and so forth and so on.

  3. Marylin says:

    I agree with Robin. I also have this book and have used the techniques inside. They work! Case in point:

    Unfortunately the guy I was dating was only interested in 1 night stands or as he put it he has a “zero collateral damage” rule and didn’t want to get too close to anyone. I used the techniques in this book (not to trick the guy or anything like that) just to keep the lines of communication between us open and they worked. My guy was so totally flattered and loved my “virtual” show of affection and “text massages” that he is the one that keeps in contact with me and finds me totally irresistible!!

    As he puts it, no other woman has done that for him and I have gotten under his skin!

    Ladies, Michael is the man to listen to!!! And Michael thank you again for all your wonderful advise and tips!! You are an angel!!!

    PS: Ladies you should friend Michael on his Facebook page! It’s soo totally worth it!!!

  4. Gina says:

    I broke it off with my boyfriend 3 months ago but asked him to try again after 6 weeks. He said no he wasn’t ready, he needed to find himself again and wanted to move on. He asked me to do the same as he said it wasn’t fair to make me wait in case he decides to move on permanently. In the last week it seems like he’s softening a little although we’ve had one conversation and it was just pleasant but I couldn’t detect that he missed me in his voice. Is there a text I could send him to see how’s really feeling or gauge whether he wants to meet up?

  5. Yvonne says:

    Mike after reading your 5 text messages I used your text:” If you were here right now” and sent it to a guy I dated for about a month after which he told me he was afraid of having a relationship with me…He responded, “What would you do? or what could I expect? Explain yourself, turkey.” Then I responded Woah! and here I thought we were just friends.” that was about 10 minutes ago and he has not responed back, yet. What do you think happened? If he does respond what should I text or say?

    • Mike says:

      Well . . . yeah. You can’t just plug these in in ANY situation. You need to respond based on what he says. He obviously wasn’t going to a sexual place in his response so your reply didn’t make any sense at all.

  6. I have been married for several years and things were not going great at all. I had an affair and moved out for 2 months and then moved back home cause I had nowhere else to stay. I want my husband back desperately but he says no he wants a divorce. However we sleep in the same bed every night, have sex a lot and he cuddles and holds me every night. He scheduled a mini vacation for us in 2 weeks… Any comments? You think he’s really done?

  7. Schers says:

    Oh my love that is so sad what you get is what i get from this guy i want him to come to me,he tells me lots of stories of that i must wait till he has that feeling to come back to me.Some times i can feel what i don’t understand of myself,you know when you love the person and you find out he don’t and feel that you end up asking your self what is wrong with you.What i think lets be patience and wait for Mike my love he will give us the solution of what we are in.

  8. Khadijah says:

    Hi Mike, your advice is great!!!!! its just that am the insecure wife who wants attention she never gets and is always doing the things which will have the opposite effect… I dont know if your texts are really for me, koz I might be too far away into my relationship…5 years dating (which were gr8) and 5 years of marriage which have recently crumbled with him having a deep emotional affair which started right away with a few chats and 24/7 texting.. i know his feelings for me can still be there (we were high school sweethearts), i just need the right strings, keep up the mystery and stop craving for sex so much as to go beg for it… can u help me??
    Thanks loads

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  14. Melissa says:

    I met this guy a few weeks ago and it was strange i know we were both attracted to each other but he backed off so i told him the ball was in his court. Well this evening i sent him some texts like in your book. it actually works gets his imagination going and all of the sudden he is opening up talking okay he did get a little frisky i might add it was really hard to keep it to a low roar on his part but i noticed that one of his texts let his feelings show through a bit then he suddenly wouldnt respond so i texted him goodnight. what should i do it is like he is afraid to express himself. i know his wife asked for a divorce and told him it would never work out. He divorced and has been out of the dating scene for 1.5 years except for me and his flirtation by phone and text. we actually have went out. I feel he is afraid of opening up and becoming hurt. how do i inch him towards opening up more?

  15. Confused says:

    I have been with my husband for 12. Last week at a group dinner party I was seated between my hubby and a divorced man that is a good family friend. We were all drinking and quarters were tight. Basically our legs were rested against one another the entire dinner. Ever since he has texted me daily. We are friends and ususally text a few times a wk as our kids are in sports together and it usually pertains to that. This week it has seemed like he texts with a question that is an excuse to tallk to me. Am I over-reacting? Most of his texts include a smiley face or wink – my best friend says he is looking for now than friendship because men don’t use smiles and winks for JUST FRIENDS???? IS she right?

  16. CONFUSED says:

    In fact my boyfriend of one year has moved away emotionally from me, he doesnt want me!!! he broke up wid me, we had already had 2 fights publicly pots his break up wid me!!

  17. lily says:

    @ Confused..listen to the guy..he’s telling you what he wants..He doesn’t want a relationship and he’s no longer interested in you. A severed emotional connection is a dead relationship. If your ex doesn’t want to bring the relationship back to life and give it a second chance, then find a real guy that can give you want you want/need. You can’t force someone to love you and why would anyone ever try? Not only is it impossible but one person is always miserable because the deep emotional connection is no longer there.

  18. Doesn't know what to do says:

    Dear mike,
    I like this guy. The thing is.. He’s married.
    He is gonna be getting divorced and he is
    Always flirting with me and I flirt back.
    I want to keep talking to him and flirting but
    I don’t know what else to say to him in a text.
    Could you please help me? Don’t post on her just
    Email please :) thanks !

  19. Winter says:

    I’m a 16-year-old with an odd dilemma. There’s a guy I’ve known for two years now that I have dated a total of three times. We have, in that time, become close friends, regardless of our past relationships, yet when he texts me he often flirts… Hardcore. It often confuses me because he will openly act like he wants nothing more than to be my friend, then when we’re texting he keeps telling me how much he “wants” me. I can’t help but wonder if he really does like me. He’s had trouble keeping relationships in the past, so is it possible he’s just not ready for a commitment?

  20. Jules says:

    Hey Mike,

    Your advice us great first and foremost. I have been single for quite awhile and trying to get”myself out there” so to speak-anyways i meet a guy online, we text and make plans, then cancels-has a work thing, then says he wants to make it up but never texts me. Should i just forget it. I feel stupid being the one who is trying to make a plan to go out for drinks. Why would he show any interest?

  21. Vanessa says:

    Hey Mike, well im 14 and i met this guy in a party in a hotel. all my friends say he was flirting with me cuz its so noticeable. i got his number and we’re texting. i want to know if he lykes me or tell him i like him. but how? he lives in another state and im only gunna see him next year. do long distance relationships work?? btw we’re not allowed to date so i wanna do a “flirting relationship” until we can date.

  22. Kay says:

    Hi Mike,
    I was on and off with this guy for several months. We were never “official”. Looking back I know I made a lot of stupid mistakes and no nos in our relatioship. I’m sure that he never viewed me as a girlfriend material and yet he would always come back. Do you think is possible to reverse that idea in a guy’s mind if I have a different attitute and behavior? Is there a specific type of text I could use in order to change this situation, being that it seems that he finally moved on and doesn’t try to contact me as much.

    • Hien says:

      Well, I have a same situation. I made a few mistakes. We didnt talk for a month. After that, he was the one to contact me first. But not the same sweet msgs like before. So, pls advice me how to get him back by msgs? I need ur help… Thank you!

  23. Anonymous says:

    There is also, if you we’re stranded on an island and you could have one person with you who would you pick.? I tried it with this boy that I like and he said he would take me.! And now he is my boyfriend.! And I love him soooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Natasha says:

    hey Mike,

    There is this guy who I’v liked a lot for 3 years now. We have hung out a couple times and he flirts with me when we do. So i’v been told. It is alwayd me texting him first,except a couple times where he has text me first. I finally told him how I felt and how our mutual friends think he feels the same way. When I told him that his response was “what should we do about it?” I am not very good at flirting and everytime I text him I feel that I am bugging him. what is a text i can send him that he will forsure text me back?

  25. Arriana says:

    My friend says he Loves me and puts like alot of <3's And I do the same back And last night we were texting and he's like you said your gonna enjoy life so I figured your done flirting and stuff? I asked him does it seem like I'm flirting? And he said idk if your flirting or not.. (I like him alot but idk what to do or say we're just friends at the moment but idk if he likes me or if he means what he says) Soo I ask him if he is flirting and he says Yes, I am. Somewhat… Are you? And all I could think of was yes. But I don't get what he ment by somewhat… Does it mean he's flirting and he's not? Does he like me idk these :p Were going to the movies this weekend But what do you think in your opinion?…

  26. Demona says:

    Dear Mike,
    So lets say that I have already the ruined the first ‘be mysterious’ part,that i have been being extremely needy in the past few years. Now he rarely replies me(well he does that to everyone, even to his cousins) but he told me that he likes knowing all my feelings and adventures that when he felt bad he would re-read all the msg I sent him and it works all the time, so he wants to thank me.
    Do you think there’ are ways to move things to a high level, or I should give him up, or simply just fix my ‘not being so mysterious in the past’ situation?
    Thank you!


  27. Dors says:

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    I was very shocked when Robben called four days after i sent Dr,Vovola the items money. He apologies for all he has done wrong and i am very happy that we are together today because he proposed to me last night. I will advise you contact phophettbjoshua@ymail.com because he has done wonders in my life and i believe he can help you out in any problem


  28. Lalah says:

    Hello Mike
    I am 16 years old, and in a complicated relationship with my 31 year old boyfriend of 10 months. I love him with all my heart, and I know he loves me too; but when he is in front of his friends he treats me like I am an enemy. At times when he is drink he forces me to have sex with him and beats me up. Then again when he is drunk he treats me like a royal queen. When he is sober though he treats me awful, and refuse to tell me he loves me. Drunk, and caught up in the momment I had sex with two of his friends. He has never forgave me for it, but acts as if if never happened. He speads horrible rumors about me all the time saying how I am a stupid bitch, a whore, and how I slept with all his friends. None of it is true, but in his mind it is and he beats me up, disrespects, and call me out on it every single day for it. None of his friends talks to me anymore. I started seeing a guy who lives a couple blocks away from him about 8 monthes ago. At the time I did not know they knew each other. My boyfriend is aware of my side relationship with the guy but still invites him over for drinks and to watch soccer games. The other night at about two in the morning my boyfriend and I got into a heated arguement and he asked me to leave his home. I got dressed and waited two hours before I left with the side line guy my boyfriend was not aware of who I was leaving with but he told me to get all my belongings out of his house and never come back and do not contact him in any way. I know he loves me but I think he is really giving up on me he will not answer his phone or my long meaning text messages I sent him. I am giving up on him to but so desperately trying to make things better. I know I shouldn’t be with him because he is a alcholic, a woman beater, and he has a std he rufuse to get treated for because he is strongly convinced he does not have it. When I was pregnant with his child he tryed to hit me in the stomach too which shows he is careless. So I got rid of my baby. He has also tryed to kill me one to many times. Right now he I ignoring me in everyway. I do not understand why. Please Mike I need some advice on how to deal with him and make things better between us before it is too late. First off how do I get his attention through via text message? I know that I have sex with other men but he is the only one I love and want to be with. Under all that evilness, and toughness I know he loves me but is ashamed. Please help me :'( Mike am so overwhelmed of loneliness, neglet, hopelessness, and desperateness.

  29. Barbie says:

    I’m 22 and I’ve been dating my boyfriend for four years. He’s a bit older than me (I seem to have a thing for older men). He plays in a band and about a year ago his band got a new member. We’ll call him Ken. He was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen. I started texting him first. They were always innocent until one evening we all went out after the band played. He sat next to me and would always brush against me and smile. I didn’t think anything of it till he started sending me flirty texts. Here’s the zinger. He’s twenty years older than me and married. We’ve now been in what I guess you’d call a texting romance. We haven’t had any kind of physical contact of any kind. I don’t know what to do. I think I’ve started to really care abt him but I’m still seeing my boyfriend and Ken is still married. I would end my current relationship if I knew I had any chance with this other man. Please help :)

  30. christine says:

    i’ve been talking to this guy for about a month, i met him on a dating website and it was going great! we talked everyday through texting, both of us initiating the conversation, last thursday we had our first date/ meeting. i went to his house and he made me dinner, we ordered 3 movies and only watched one because we ended up talking and joking through the others, when i left that night i only gave him a hug, he told me to text him when i got home so i did, he went out about how he had a great night and couldnt wait to do it again, so we sort of made plans and when the time came to have our second date he never answered me, this have been weird since then and our conversations have kind of been fizziling out, i feel like hes be coming less interested or talking to someone new, i also feel like hes stringing along, for the most part i let him text me and he still does but he doesnt make any effort to hangout with me but if i mention seeing him, he always says ” i need to see you soon”… i have no idea whats going on but i actually have invested some feelings into this guy and took some time to get to know him, can you please help me!?!?!

    thank you !

  31. Dee says:

    Hi Mike,

    I met a guy who seems really nice, we are quite similar and he’s a few years older than me. We went on a date last week (he cooked) and it seemed to go very well but I ended up staying in his – no, no I know. Anyway, I emailed him on Monday, to which he replied and i haven’t heard from him since.. I know it’s his birthday on Tuesday (one week since last contact) and want to text him something flirty to try and open the lines of communication a little – any suggestions?? Thanks

  32. S Riley says:

    Please do everyone a favor and do NOT become another homewrecker!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Mike I’m 15 years and I’m dating this guy he keeps on telling me to send naked photos of me. He sent one to me but I refuse to send him one we both go to the same secondary school and he said if I don’t send him one I will get beaten up. Please reply to my email if you get it.

  33. S Riley says:

    Why are so many women wanting to be homewreckers??

  34. riya says:

    hey here is this guy with whom i chat on a daily basis but now i feel for him .although he is with someone else right. now but they r goin thru a rough patch ..ryt now v r just friends but i want him to be more..how can i get hm to do dat???

  35. tasha says:

    I like this one guy but don’t know how to ask him out (he likes me 2).

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