Seduce Your Ex…

“Joe” asks:
“Can I make my ex-wife to forget about her current boyfriend and come back to me?”

Hey Joe,

Seduce her. Seriously, after knowing her for so long you should know her sensual mind. You need to show her that you understand how to make her feel loved, desired, wanted and appreciated.

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2 Responses to Seduce Your Ex…

  1. Sakshi says:

    Is the text yr ex back material in the ‘text your romance back’ download or is it separate or different?

  2. Holly says:

    Im hopeful that something anything works, I got the I love you and care but not in love with you, excuse. My man and I have been dating on and off for ten yrs and always find our way back to eachother.this time im worried because it feels different, we have consistently been together now for 4 years and I gave birth to our son in 2009, which seems when it started getting shaky, I had bad post pardom and pushed his buttons complaining all the time when he works full time, I should have been more understanding, instead in a heated argument when he wanted to walk away I followed him nagging I was instigating and he laid his hands on me, my neighbor called the police and he went to jail, and claims hes walking away forever, because that not his charector and he refuses to put himself our son or eeven me through thzt kind of life, please help I want the love of my life bCk, thankyou kindly, sinceraly Holly.

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