I recently got an email that is absolutely heartbreaking…

Charlene asks
“Hi there,
Just saw your Rachel Ray video & read your ‘3 Magic Texts’.  
Before I send him this kind of text, want to say that this is a
man that I have been married to for 37 years, he has changed
 for the worse in the past 10 yrs.  Hoping & believing that as 
we had had our ups & downs throughout the years that we would
 climb back up to where we needed to be…….  that did not happen.
  It’s like our marriage has been dead for so long, I can’t remember 
when it had any life to it….
He has stated that he wants a divorce, does not want to
 ‘work’ on our marriage, does not want to go to counseling.
  We live in Plano,Tx, he is now living & working in Denver, Co.  
Divorce had been filed in December by me as I have been worn 
down emotionally, verbally & physically.  He agreed that this is 
what he wanted, but here is the stickler….. he has refused to 
‘sign’ the final decree of divorce.
My biggest challenge question to you is, How or what type 
of text could I possibly send that would begin to chip away 
his coldness & indifference to me without sounding fake?  
And yes I would love to be reconnected to the man that
 I once fell in love with, but at the same time wonder if 
there is anything that I can do to help change him back 
to who & what he once was……  a loving & caring husband.
I appreciate any & all of your help.”

Thanks for your email. I wish it was the only kind of email of this sort that I got, but that’s not the case. In fact, my inbox is generally flooded with messages from women just like you who can’t understand why their men “turned off” and are looking for anything to get the man they fell in love with back in their lives.

As a guy I know what it’s like to “emotionally seize up” like that, but I also know that it’s brutal on a woman. When I was first reading your email it really did sound like he was completely detached emotionally, but the fact that he refuses to sign the final order is interesting. It could be an indicator the there’s still hope.

Here’s my advice: As far as what texts to send, your best shot is going to be to use what I call “The Relationship Time Machine”. “The Relationship Time Machine” is a text formula I created that let’s you bring your man back to a better and more romantic time in your relationship by causing him to “re-live” some of the best times you had together. Like the day you got married or the first day you kissed, or a time you were really there for him as a lover or as a friend.

There’s a particular art to the way you create a “relationship time machine” text that I don’t have room to go into here, but I go into great detail and give you a bunch of examples of how to use “The Relationship Time Machine” in the main Text the Romance Back manual.

Text the Romance Back

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